Artificial Insemination

The doctors and staff at Janesville Animal Medical Center are happy to work with you in breeding your mare using transported semen.  Please call the office at 608-868-1761 to speak with one of our doctors about the Artificial Insemination Package.

How Does It Work?

When a client is interested in breeding a mare using artificial insemination, the first step is to call the office and consult with one of the doctors about the mare's breeding history and heat cycles.  The doctor will determine when the mare should arrive at the clinic for the A.I. Package. 

When the mare arrives, the doctor will ultrasound her to confirm that she's ready to stay with us for the A.I. Package.  The doctor will verify the information that the client has filled out on the Artificial Insemination Breeding Information Sheet.  This information is very important to ensure that the doctor can communicate with both the mare and stallion owners at the appropriate time.  The doctor will make contact with the stallion owner to confirm that the mare is here for breeding and coordinate his efforts with the stallion owner's collection days.

During her stay here, the doctor will perform ultrasounds to monitor the mare's progress through her heat cycle.  When the mare is ready, the doctor will make contact with the stallion owner and order semen.  The semen is shipped overnight.  When it arrives, the doctor will check the semen motility and inseminate the mare.  Finally, the doctor will do an ultrasound to confirm that the mare has ovulated.  During this process, medications may be needed to stimulate ovulation closer to the time of insemination.

Once the mare has ovulated, the mare's owner will be contacted so she can be picked up.  The semen container will be shipped back to the stallion owner if requested.

We recommend that the mare have an ultrasound to see if she's pregnant 14-16 days after the time of ovulation.  It is important to ultrasound at this time for two reasons: if twins are present, one can be easily reduced, or if the mare is not pregnant, she can be bred again without missing a cycle.