In-house and Online Pharmacies

Janesville Animal Medical Center has an in-house pharmacy, so we can conveniently provide your pet's medications while you're here in the office.  To serve those clients who prefer delivery of their pet's medications right to their doorstep, we have partnered with VetSource Home Delivery.  VetSource offers prescription medications for small animal & equine patients, heartworm preventative, flea & tick preventative and prescription diets.

Do you have trouble remembering to give your pet's monthly heartworm or flea & tick treatments?  If so, check out VetSource's Remind Me program.  The Remind Me program delivers one dose of heartworm and/or flea & tick preventative each month on the day you specify.  What better way to remember to give your pet's monthly medication than a dose that shows up on your doorstep!

Click the link below to visit our VetSource pharmacy.