Equine Vaccinations

The doctors at Janesville Equine recognize that vaccinations are an important part of your horse's preventative care, and we are proud to offer the following vaccinations:

  • EWT/WNV - Eastern & Western Encephalomyelitis, Tetanus, West Nile Virus*
  • EWT - Eastern & Western Encephalomyelitis*
  • Flu/Rhino - Equine Influenza, Rhinopnuemonitis*
  • West Nile Virus*
  • Potomac Horse Fever/Rabies
  • Potomac Horse Fever
  • Rabies
  • Strangles - Intranasal
  • Strangles - Intramuscular
  • Rhinopneumonitis (to prevent abortion)
  • Leptospirosis (to prevent abortion & moon blindness)
  • Tetanus Toxoid

*Included in the BIVI Vaccine Assurance Program.  Click HERE for more details.